What is Indie Ecommerce?

March 11, 2024

Indie ecommerce is niche products with a point of view.

Indie ecommerce is having all your inventory in the closet of your home office.

Indie ecommerce isn't dropshipping, it isn't reselling, it isn't arbitrage – it's selling a thing you care about to the types of people you love having as your customers.

Indie ecommerce is hand writing "Thanks!" on the packing slip of every order.

Indie ecommerce isn't a multi-million dollar ad campaign driving traffic to your new direct to consumer website. Instead, indie ecommerce is using Etsy and Amazon's integrated ad networks to your advantage, and driving traffic for already interested buyers who are searching for your product without needing to spend money upfront.

Indie ecommerce is one meeting a week, absolute maximum.

Indie ecommerce is celebrating every 5 star review because each and every one of them means a happy customer took the time to do one of the things that most helps you find more happy customers.

Indie ecommerce is spending a relaxed morning working on new stuff – marketing, articles, products, inventory – knowing you'll get to spend a relaxed afternoon packing and shipping to customers.

Indie ecommerce is not just move pixels around on a screen and bits around in a database – it's using your hands everyday to pack and ship real life products.

Indie ecommerce is an answer to the loss of control and autonomy that comes with working for someone else in the age of private equity consolidation, VC trends, and AI automation. Selling something you care about to people who appreciate it is a business trend that will never go out of style.

Indie ecommerce is doing things that don’t scale, and might never scale, but that’s ok because you like the work.

Indie ecommerce is building a small, profitable company that you fully own and operate that can completely change your life.