Funny vintage Tiger Woods Nike ads from 1997

I either don’t remember these "Golf’s Not Hard with Tiger Woods" ads from the late 1990s or missed them when they first came around. But, either way, they hold up! The “Next week, basic tips on difficult shots" after the 300 yard fairway bunker shot really got me.

7 days ago

I know Andrew Huberman disagrees, but the American Heart Assocation wants to remind you that "you are not a polar bear" and that the scientific evidence "supporting the health benefits of cold therapy remains scant":

Some studies suggest that people who adapt to cold water immersion through routine ice bathing or winter swimming may reduce inflammation and other cardiovascular risks. But others have found evidence of higher levels of troponin in people who compete in winter swims, suggesting that prolonged cold water immersion could lead to heart muscle damage.

Cold plunges are a fun trend that looks great in an Instagram post, but I think in a few years there are going to be a lot of unused cold tubs in the backs of garages and available on Ebay.

7 days ago

Online news is letting the intrusive thoughts win

January 22, 2024

The ubiquitous "Allow ads" popups from Admiral

The online news industry is currently giving readers 2 options for reading news on the dying mobile web:

  1. Allow garish and intrusive ads and get unreadable articles or
  2. Block garish and intrusive ads and get blocked by these godawful "ALLOW ADS" Admiral popups

Apple chose privacy first on the iPhone and, yeah, that wrecked some business models. But jeez.

It reminds me of the music industry’s customer hostile approach to music piracy back in the early 2000s. You could:

  1. Pay for an entire overpriced CD for the one song you really wanted or
  2. Download music for free at the risk of getting sued by the RIAA

Those were the only two options the music industry offered. Until of course, famously, Steve Jobs swooped in with iTunes and the iPod and literally saved the industry.

And now 20 years later with the growing popularity of Apple News, as crazy as it sounds, Apple might be in the position to do the same thing for online news.

Many startups have tried to solve the "streaming news" problem, but thanks to the ubiquity of the iPhone and the popularity of the Apple One bundle, Apple News is actually starting to gain real traction.

Just like you needed the size and sway of Apple and Jobs to make iTunes work, you needed the reach of the iPhone and the deep pockets and customer first approach of Apple to make streaming news work.

And – just like it did 20 years ago for the music industry – I hope streaming news can work out financially for the news industry. Because thanks to their current 2 really shitty options, Apple News will be one of the only non customer hostile 3rd options.

But I guess at least they're not suing readers yet?!